Thursday, June 24, 2010

EYOC 2010


Since february we had a lot of competitions but we will not talk about these competitions now. This post have like aim inform you that we (the three) will be competing in the EYOC, in Soria (Spain), already in the next week. Our comitive has a blog, where you can see news about our participation. (it is in portuguese but you can translate it) =D


This will be our 6th and last EYOC, so, we believe in good results.

See you,


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

POM 2010


Last days Portugal was the scene of Orienteering World... The best orienteers spent some days here, training without snow, and competing in good events.

So, this was the most participed Portugal "O" Meeting of ever, with almost 2000 the WRE day there were 273 man elite runners!

Here we will left you our maps and the results..

Day 1 – Saturday, 13-02, Praia da Leirosa
W 20 - 6,0km  - 19 controls

(43 runners)
1 7235 Marita Freimane 90 [3579] Auseklis                       45:10
2 7744 Amandine MONTERRAT 91 [3792] SunO / JOG          45:14
3 7853 Mari J Arnesen 90 [3849] Innlands-O                     46:26
9 2576 Joana Costa 92 [052] GD4C                                 49:38
15 2864 Isabel Sá 92 [052] GD4C                                    52:48
16 3156 Mariana Moreira 92 [094] CPOC                           52:49

Day 2 – Sunday, 14-02, Lagoa das Braças, Quiaios
W 20 - 3,9km  - 16 controls
(40 runners)
1 7853 Mari J Arnesen 90 [3849] Innlands-O            24:39
2 7743 Perrine OBSTETAR 90 [3792] SunO / JOG      25:22
3 8045 Sari Nurmela [3915] Vehkalahden Veikot       25:57
7 3156 Mariana Moreira 92 [094] CPOC                   26:48
13 2576 Joana Costa 92 [052] GD4C                      28:08
20 2864 Isabel Sá 92 [052] GD4C                          31:13
Day 3 – Monday, 15-02, Quiaios
W 20 - 6,9km - 19 controls
(50 runners)
1 7652 Ida Bobach 91 [3771] SunO / Denmark Team             44:43
2 7650 Emma Klingenberg 92 [3771] SunO / Denmark Team    48:55
3 7743 Perrine OBSTETAR 90 [3792] SunO / JOG                  49:40
8 3156 Mariana Moreira 92 [094] CPOC                               55:25
21 2864 Isabel Sá 92 [052] GD4C                                     1:02:07
35 2576 Joana Costa 92 [052] GD4C                                 1:16:04

Day 4 – Tuesday, 16-02, Lagoa da Vela, Quiaios
W 20 - 4,0km - 15 controls

(44 runners)
1 8045 Sari Nurmela [3915] Vehkalahden Veikot                 24:55
2 7403 Adela Indrakova 91 [3634] Magnus Orienteering       26:12
3 7351 Müller Sandrine 95 [3615] OLV ZUG Müru                26:32
9 3156 Mariana Moreira 92 [094] CPOC                             27:18
12 2576 Joana Costa 92 [052] GD4C                                27:57
18 2864 Isabel Sá 92 [052] GD4C                                    29:58

In the total of the 4 days, we were the best 3 portugueses in our class:
1 7743 Perrine OBSTETAR 90 [3792] SunO / JOG     3704.59
2 7052 Josephine Greiner 91 [3500] TSV Gruenw     3593.94
3 8045 Sari Nurmela [3915] Vehkalahde                 3589.74
4 3156 Mariana Moreira 92 [094] CPOC                  3494.56
5 7351 Müller Sandrine 95 [3615] OLV ZUG Mü        3478.66
6 7235 Marita Freimane 90 [3579] Auseklis             3477.12
7 7012 Anna Biller 91 [3464] SV Mietrac                3421.64
8 7741 Margaux VASSY 90 [3792] SunO / JOG        3419.60
9 7742 Isia BASSET 93 [3792] SunO / JOG             3306.71
10 2576 Joana Costa 92 [052] GD4C                     3265.52
11 7862 Marte Narum 92 [3849] Innlands-O           3251.32
12 7234 Madara Freimane 92 [3579] Auseklis          3227.70
13 2864 Isabel Sá 92 [052] GD4C                         3196.43
54 athletes

In the weekend after POM, there was another event, NAOM, a organization by Joana and Isabel's club. Were 6 days of competition in 9 days.
Now it´s time to recover.. Next national competition is in Sintra - 13-14th March..

See you,


Monday, January 25, 2010

1st Training Camp of 2010


Here we are after our first training camp of the year..we were with the National Team in Coruche and Arraiolos where also was being a regional competition..

So, in the morning of saturday with had a scale training where like you can see in the map, for each 2/3 controls we had diferents scales..
(the map we used)

(the real map with the route)

At night, we had two little trainings..To warm up we ran a memory sprint race and after we had a supersprint (1,1km)..

On sunday, we ran a contour training  where in the map we just had the contours and the greens. We did this training without compass. (you can compare our map with the real map).

(the map we used just with the contours and greens + route)

(the real map)

Now, like we already had said, in less than 3 weeks we will be in Portugal "O" Meeting, and until there we will be just training and studing..Next week Mariana will also have a cross from all schools of Sintra (where she lives).

See you,


Thursday, January 14, 2010

International Meeting of Arraiolos


We are some days delayed but we yet want to wish you a very good and happy 2010!

Last weekend we had our first O-competition of the year. It was the "International Meeting of Arraiolos", a very good event in Alentejo. This event was organized by Gafanhori that permited us run in good maps with good courses and also gave us good logistic aspects.

Saturday - Long Distance - 7,9 km (345m) 18C
D20 (12)
1 Mariana Moreira [094] CPOC 1:09:21
2 Isabel Sá [052] GD4C 1:14:22
3 Joana Costa [052] GD4C 1:15:51
Split Time Results

Sunday- Middle Distance - 5,0 km (120m) 17C
D20 (11)
1 3156 Mariana Moreira [094] CPOC 37:47
2 2864 Isabel Sá [052] GD4C 41:28
3 2576 Joana Costa [052] GD4C 43:46
Split Time Results

Total weekend Results

D20 (12)
1 3156 Mariana Moreira 1:09:21 1 37:47 1 1000,00 1000,00 2000,00

2 2864 Isabel Sá [1:14:22 2 41:28 2 932,54 911,17 1843 .71

3 2576 Joana Costa 1:15:51 3 43:46 3 914,30 863,29 1777 .59

Event Page

So, was a nice weekend where the only bad thing was the weather. There was a lot of rain and were 0-3 degrees (what is cold for us) on sunday.

At 23rd/24th January we will be in a training camp for the Portuguese team and our next national competition is the "Portugal O Meeting", where we expect a lot of foreign runner.

See you,


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Time!


First of all, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas xD

We have 2 weeks of christmas holidays, so, in the next week we will be some days training orienteering in good maps :)

Our next competition is just in the "Meeting Internacional de Arraiolos" - 9th-10th January.. we are expecting a good competition with interesting maps.. (you can see more information clicking the image on the right side)

See you,


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Like we said, here we will show you the maps from our last competitions..
Ori Nazaré Trophy - 28/29 November -Nazaré
(long distance)

(midle distance)

Iberian Championship - 30/1 November - Toledo (Spain)

(these are just the Mariana's and Joana's courses because Isabel ran in a diferent category)

(long distance)


(midle distance)

See you,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

7 Months!

The last time we wrote was exactly 7 months ago.. yes, already passed 7 months!!
A lot of competitions, a lot of countries, a lot of travels: 7 months of good orienteering =)
in Serbia, JWOC in Italy, O-ringen and youth Tiomila in Sweden and the Iberian Championship in Spain were the most important competitions, but we also partciped in many portuguese training camps and races.

Now, we already began the season 2009-2010 that just end in November 2010...
Soon we will show you our latest maps with the route of our news garmins xD
See you,


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Last News!


Since the last time we wrote you, too many things happened..

Here we will talk you briefly about all the events:

Long and Relay national championships
We had 6.5km in a really hard terrain. Joana was 1st, Isabel was 3rd and Mariana was 4th.
11º Ori jovem
Were 6 days of trainings in Pataias..
Training camp for the selection team
One day after Orijovem, Mariana went to this trainning camp in Mora, where we ran in some maps from POM'09.
WSCO'09- Madrid
We were in Madrid since 14th to 20th of April. The results:
Long distance:
7th - Joana
8th - Mariana
29th - Isabel
Middle distance:
5th - Joana
6th - Mariana
17th - Isabel
Our team was 4th..
the portuguese delagation :p

our team..
Preparation to the middle and sprint championships with Ori-Estarreja
In last weekend Joana and Isabel participed in some trains to prepare the next competition.
Now, we are in a training camp in S. Pedro do Sul, where was POM 2007, with the portuguese selection team.
In the next weeks, we will have a lot of tests and works from the school, but in the next weekend, we will have the National Champinships of middle and sprint distance, so, we will try write you about this competition, soon.
Good bye,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Maps from Portugal "O" Meeting and WRE in Pataias


First of all, we want to apologize you for don´t write for so much time, but just now we are free from the school works.

Here we will show you each map with the route from one of us in each day of POM and of the WRE in Pataias.

Portugal "O" Meeting - 1st day
It was on the national forest of cabeção, was a fast kind of terrain and we had 5.0km. Joana was 5th but was the first portuguese with 34:50, Mariana was the second portuguese runner with 37:31, and Isabel did 43:57.

the map with Joana's route

Portugal "O" Meeting - 2nd day
Was the WRE day in Serra de Briços. Was a long distance in a very physical map where we had 8,6km with 285 metres of climbing. We felt very tired but Joana did a very good race, completing the course in 1:13:01. Mariana did 1:35:54 and Isabel did 1:40:58.

the map with Joana's route

Portugal "O" Meeting - 3rd day
This day was in a diferent kind of terrain. And for us, a much more interesting map. Was a fast and rocky terrain with some green areas that makes it more chalenging. Was a middle distance and we had 4,4km and this time, Mariana was the faster portuguese with 27:57 with Joana just a little behind with 28:30. Isabel completed the course in 40:18.

the map with Mariana's route

Portugal "O" Meeting - 4th day
Was a intermediate distance in the same map of the previous day but with other part very technical which made the competition very interesting. We had 8,4km, in that Joana was again the best portuguese runner and did 1:00:38, Isabel did 1:03:44 and Mariana 1:10:10.

the map with Isabel's route

On the Total of the 4 days, Joana was 2nd, Mariana was 4th and Isabel was 10th. Between us were the girls from the Denmark Team. You can check all the results here.

WRE in Pataias - 1st day
In the Wre day, there was a middle distance in a really fast map where we had 3,5km. Was being a good race for all of us until Mariana came to the 13rd control and lose at least 6 minutes with a stupid mistake. So, Joana was the best portuguese athlete with 26:20, Isabel did 27:42 and Mariana did 30:43.
the map with Isabel's route

WRE in Pataias - 2nd day

Was in the same map of the previous day, but this time we had a long distance with 6,5km. Mariana was the first portuguese with 45:19, Joana was the second portuguese with 46:36 and Isabel did 51:27, being the thrid portuguese.

the map with Mariana's route

At the end of the weekend Joana was 2nd, Mariana was 4th and Isabel was 6th, again with the Danish girls between us. Check the results here.

Here you can see photos from us with Daniel Hubmann and Simone Niggli, that were presents in these two events.

For now we will have the National Championships of Long Distance and Relay, after we will participate on the "11º Orijovem", a trainning camp to young people and after Mariana will also participate in a trainnig camp to the Portuguese Selection.

Day 14 we will travel to Madrid, for to run the World School Orienteering Championship.

See you soon,


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Portugal "O" Meeting and XI Meeting Ori do Centro


Last weeks we participed in some important portuguese competitions.

21st-24th February:

Portugal "O" Meeting 2009 - a organization by CPOC, the Mariana's club.

Were 4 days of competitions in diferent and interesting maps where the o-laranjitas ran in W-20. A competition with a lot of foreign athletes, where were present some important selections like the Swiss Team, the Czech Team and the Denmark Junior Team.
The first day was a middle distance (5,0 km) in a simple map with a fast kind of terrain and at nigh there was a sprint event. The 2nd day was a long distance (8,6km), a WRE event where Simone Niggli and Matthias Merz from the Swiss Team were the winners of the elite class. The map was too much exigent physically and had some technical interesting parts. The 3rd day was a middle distance (4,4km) in a very fast terrain with a lot of stony parts. At the afternoon there was the Orienteeing Show, a very interesting competition to participe and also to see. The 4th and last day was a intermediate distance (8,4km), in the same map of the previous day but with other part very technical which made the competition very interesting.

On the Total of the 4 days, Joana was 2nd, Mariana was 4th and Isabel was 10th. In the middle of the W20 portuguese athletes were the girls from the Denmark Team, have been the winner of the class, the European and world Champion, Emma Klingenberg. Were 4 days well passed with a lot of sun and with good orienteering races.

28th February-1st March:
XI Meeting Ori do Centro

After POM we went to another WRE, this time in Pataias. Saturday was a middle distance (3,5km), a very fast race in a interesting map with a very fast terrain. Sunday the competion was in the same map, but this time we had a long distance (6,5km). This time also there were a lot of foreign athletes that stayed in Portugal to train. At the end of the weekend Joana was 2nd, Mariana was 4th and Isabel was 6th, again with the Danish girls between us.

For now we are very busy with the tests and works from the school, but soon we will write you with the opinion of each one of us about these events and with the maps and route choices from these races too. We will also write about last weekend, when we were in Madrid to prepare the "World Schools Orienteering Championship 2009" that is already in the next month.
See you soon,


Monday, February 9, 2009

School Sport & trainning

Hello everyone :)

Last saturday Joana and Isabel went to the second competition of the School Sport North Ranking. The race took place in Penafiel, in the map "Figueira - Este". It wasn't a beautiful terrain at all, it was so green that you only could run on the paths. As you can see the course was really short, 2km. It was very easy and very fast. Joana won the competition with and excellent time of 15'52'' and Isabel was second with 17'10''. It was so funny to remember the old times when we used to use the card to control, instead of the sport ident system xD

Mariana also went to a competition but in the South. Was the 5th stage of the third trophy Ori-Alentejo where Mariana did the medium course with 5,1km, that she won doing 33'45''.

On Sunday, GD4Caminhos was organizing an orienteering trainning, but for people that was starting orienteering. It was in Arvore, a village that belongs to Vila do Conde (the town where Isabel lives), in a map that is very easy for us, because we have already run there thousands of times. Joana and Isabel took the oportunity and went there for trainning. It was such a rainny day, and also with a lot of wind. We started the trainning running 30' slow, for warming up, with the map in the pocket. Than we made the course (3,5km). After that we ran slowly some minutes more. Overall we made 75'. It was very nice because we were trainning toghether which is really rare, specially for Isabel that runs alone everyday.

Next weekend Joana is going to a Regional Competition, in Barcelos. Isabel and Mariana are going to run the School Sport cross. Isabel will run on saturday and she's going to try to stay in the first 6 so that she can go to the National Championship - School Sport Crosse. Mariana will run the distritic (in Lisbon), on friday, and she is going to try also go to the National Championship.

See you,


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Norte Alentejano O' Meeting


Last weekend (24 th to 25 th January) there was the NAOM, a organization by GD4C, the Joana’s and Isabel’s club. Like we had said in the last post, Isabel and Joana didn´t run because they were helping in the organization (Isabel was the speaker of the event and Joana was in the technical part where she was putting the controls on the terrain), so, Mariana was the only O-Laranjita participating. She ran in D20, and without her principals adversaries running, she won the 3 races =D (the middle distance, the night sprint distance and the long distance).
The middle distance was a race in a very good map, that wasn´t just a technical map but also a terrain very physical with a lot of climbs. Mariana had a course of 3.9km and did 36’15’’. Was a good race to her, but she lost some time with the physical component. Take a look on the map:

The night sprint was a special race because there were two different scales. The first part of the course was done in a scale of 1/5000 and when we were more less in the middle of the course, we had to turn the map and run in 1/1000. This second part was all done in a park. The woman 20 had 2,6km and Mariana won, realizing the race in 19’19’’.

The long distance was in a map principally physical but also with a part with a lot of stones that became the course also technical. Mariana did 58’53’’ in 7,1km. She was doing a very good race until came to the 9th control and lose too much time in the 10th and 11st control (she lost at least 7/8 minutes on these mistakes).

Was a good orienteering event where we can highlight the victories of Michal Smola and Eva Juřeníková in man and woman elite. You can see the results and some photos here.

Our next important competition is the Portugal “O” Meeting that will be a very good event with a lot of runners (portuguese and foreign). Check all the informations from this event here.

Now, at the school, we are having a lot of tests and works for to do :S what don’t permit us write you so frequently but we will try do it always that we can.

See you,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

School Sport - cross & orienteering

First of all we want to say sorry for doesn't write for so long ago. School started and the time is not very much : /

This week laranjitas had school sport activities. Last Wednesday Mariana run the 2nd phase of the Cross, (city championship) where she was 3rd :) Joana and Isabel went to the first orienteering competition, from School Sport season 08/09 . It happened last Saturday, in a shiny morning in Ponte de Lima. It was a very short competition with just 2,8km. Joana was 2nd with 33'48'' and Isabel was 1st with 29'53''. Although Isabel lost 3' in control 2, in control number 3 Joana lost a LOT of time so Isabel, that started 4' after her caught her there. They run the all competition together, however they were making different choices. Joana was running stronger but Isabel was choosing the best choice so they were always together. Take a look to the map:

Like we said, after win in her school, Mariana went to the Cross where were running athletes from all the schools of Sintra (where she lives). She was 3rd and did 10' 59 '' in a course of 2,5km. See some photos from the race:

waiting for the start..

starting »

already in 3rd place =D

Next weekend there's a National Ranking Competition. It's going to be in Alter do Chão (South of Portugal) and it's going to be organized by Joana's and Isabel's club, Grupo Desportivo 4Caminhos. Michael Smola (2nd last WOC) and Eva Jurenikova (8th last WOC) are the more important athletes running. Joana and Isabel are going to be organizing so they are not going to run, but Mariana is. Good Luck ;) After the competition, as usual, we're going to write about that and download maps and splits. Check all information about this great competition in

Good trainings for everyone,


Sunday, January 4, 2009

III Trophy of Mondego

This weekend Joana stayed at home recovering (she was sick during Christmas holidays), Mariana stayed at home too resting from de POF trainning Camp and also making the last things to school, that starts tomorrow. Isabel went to a Regional Competition, not very important, but always nice to train orienteering. This Competition was in Quiaios, in the Centre of Portugal. Like it wasn't very important, it was for trainning, Isabel ran in WE. Her opinion about he competition:
"We left home very early on Saturday so we had the chance to visit a small montain called Serra da Boa Viagem, wich means Mountain of the Good Trip. We took amazing photographs and we had lunch right on the top of it. It was so beautiful.
Saturday, 7,2km
The race was very tuff because there was a lot of wood in the ground, if you decided to run in the forest, and a lot of sand in the paths. So the basic problem was to decide if you wanted to go straight ahead and face a lot of green and a LOT of wood on the ground, or run in the paths with sand so soft, like when you are on the beach. I lost some time in the 3rd control, because I couldnt understand the terrain very well so I took some time to decide when I should leave the path. Control no.10, I was looking to the long lenght so I run right to the control but I didn't saw it. Also very close to control no. 11 I didnt understand very well the details so when I got to the path I realize where I was. I also lost some time in control 15 because I didn't know exactly where I should leave the path. You can see the map with my route choices and the splits:
Sunday, 6,7km
I knew the map was going to be the same so the night before when I was drawing my route choices and analysing my race I decided that next day I would try to be perfect when I was in the forest, and run the fast I could, because of the sand, in the paths. I started very well, although I lost some time to the 3rd control because the path between the greens some times "disappeared", and I got to the 11th when I was trying to reach the 3rd. The same thing happened in control no 7 where I got to the 12th first. I was very tired so I started to lost a few time in each control because I couldn't get focus. I lost some time again in control no 12. The last part was terrible because I just needed to run in the sand the fast as I could. I made 1h 13. After two days running in the sand and with a lot of wood on the ground I was first in Woman Elite :)

Tomorrow school stars for the three of us wich means that our orienteering trainning days ended :( Now we have to go back to the books and study to have the best marks, keeping trainning orienteering at weekends. For Mariana next goal is Norte Alentejano O'Meeting, for Isabel and Joana that are going to be in the organization that weekend, Portugal O'Meeting is theirs next stop.

Bye Bye,


Friday, January 2, 2009

GD4C Training Camp


Last post you could see how Mariana's training camp was, now you can see how Joana and Isabel spent theirs last days of 2008.
GD4C, their club, organized a training Camp in Alter do Chão, south of Portugal, from 27 to 30 December. The training Camp was prepared by Maria Sá (Isabel's sister, one of the best WE atlhetes in Portugal, and it happened in the maps that are going to be used in the next National Competition, Norte Alentejano O'Meeting. We are going to be in the organization that's why we could train in the maps, new maps. Obviously we can't download the maps to here because they are new, and they are going to be used in the competition.

Joana was sick so she didn't run all the trains. See our trainings:

-Line course, 6km
-WE, NAOM midle distance course, 4,3km
-sprint 3km
-25 controls training, 3km (for training focus and changing direction fast)
-long choices training, 7,2km
-simulation training

Maria Sa also did, every day, orienteering classes, meetings, where we were able to discuss our route choices during the day and we also discuss the "Route to Christmas", from World of O. We can also promise that NAOM it's going to be an excellent competition, with amazing maps. All of you are invited, check the last information in

See you